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Who We Are

EL & EM Learning Center is made up of an amazing team of professionals who love seeing children grow. Come meet our team!

*Our onsite secretary is Ms. Melanie. She’s our candy stocker, money acceptor, and keeper of all things paperwork related. She is easily swayed by smiling students with happy laughs. Ms. Melanie runs our office, manages our social media, and answers onsite questions with ease. She is usually the first person you will meet when you enter our building.

*Our behind the scenes secretary is Mrs. Susan. She keeps us all organized and on schedule. She is also the first person you will have contact with if you send us a Facebook message, email, or phone call. Mrs. Susan works from home (near Memphis, TN!), but is always ready to answer questions any time of the day/night. It is questionable if she ever sleeps or not…

*Ms. EL is the lady in charge of talking, speaking, and understanding the English language. She has “ways to make you talk” that are fun and have proven to be successful in her 40+ years of service as a certified Speech Language Pathologist. Ms. EL’s eccentric personality, wide assortment of hats, and colorful outfits make children love her from the moment they meet her. She’s a southern lady with a huge heart and is loved far and wide for her compassion and encouragement. She works double if crab claws, fried fish, or Chick-Fil-A nuggets are involved.

*Mrs. EM is the wild one who could not do much of anything without this amazing team surrounding her on a daily basis. She rides the fence between being the “mean one” and the “cheerleader”. Demanding respect from everyone is a key to her success. She doesn't bend on that point and gives as good as she gets. Mrs. EM is a poor loser and full of competitive spirit. So, daily games can get a little loud when Mrs. EM is involved, because losing anything (from checkers to Monopoly) isn’t in her DNA. She lives off of chocolate, traveling, and making memories. Laughter is her favorite color.

*Miss Maggie is every kids’ favorite. She is kind, loving, and a stickler for finishing your work. If you work extra hard, she’s been known to reward your efforts with kite flying, chalk drawing, or nature walks around the square. Little kids flock to her and she usually has a circle of them around her most of the afternoon. She doesn’t say a whole lot, but what she does say she means. It's fun to see her acting just like her Daddy.

*Miss LInnie is the country girl who talks funny and wears cowgirl clothes on a Tuesday, because that’s what cowgirls do, right? Miss Linnie is a great encourager no matter what subject you happen to be struggling with. She’s not a fan of Math, but studies hard to help middle school students figure out how to work through all the hard problems. She also encourages middle school reluctant readers to push through and read different books daily to correct their fluency delays. You might be rewarded with a Cody Johnson concert as you work if you choose to work with Miss Linnie. She’s country to the bone (even the broken ones like she has right now)!

*Mrs. Karen is a veteran teacher who never met a kid she didn’t like. Reading is her specialty and she loves helping kids find a target and slaying them on a daily basis. More than one little boy has increased his reading ability just because she smiled at him! Having a pretty teacher/tutor has big advantages when it comes to boys and school!

*Mrs. Kat is the keeper of all the kids. She’s got the Math brain, but would much rather be doing some kind of cool Science experiment. Kids love the fact that they get to do both when she’s around. Mrs. Kat has four kids of her own and you can usually find them hanging around ready and willing to play a game, build a Lego tower, or complete a puzzle when the school work is all done!

*Mrs. Brandice has years of experience working with Ms. EL & Mrs. EM. Starting out as a paraprofessional, Mrs. Brandice worked her way through college while helping inside Mrs. EM’s classroom for nearly ten years. Now, she spends her days teaching Second grade and chasing her three kiddos around different ballparks. On Wednesdays, you can find her teaching Math lessons and encouraging kids to not give up when the going gets tough.

*Mrs. Natalie is also a veteran teacher who loves helping kids. She works as a Fourth Grade teacher in Tuscaloosa during the day, tutors kids at her school in the afternoons, and helps us at night. Mrs. Natalie is married to an Elementary School Principal and totally understands the ins and outs of the education system. She’s a fun lady to hang out with for kids and adults!

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