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EL & EM Learning Center - Tutoring for Tomorrow!

Is your child struggling in school?

Is your child always the one left out of peer events because "they can't act right?"

Have you asked for help at school or your pediatrician's office and been given a referral only to find out the wait list is 6-9 months long?

Do you feel like your child has fallen through the cracks and your circle of support shrinks every day?

Do you dread the alarm clock going off every morning because you just don't know what the day will bring for your child?

Do friends and family always ask, "What did they say?" but you understood her just fine?

You aren't alone! Over the years we have worked with many families of kiddos just like yours, and we've seen the gaps that the COVID-19 pandemic has created in our children's education.

Parents are sick of working all day and trying to teach their kids at night. Students are frustrated and giving up at alarming rates, and teachers are tired of being micromanaged and not given the time they need with students due to school closures and entirely too many virtual days.

That's where we come in.

EL & EM Learning Center has designed a learning experience tailor-made for today's busy families.

Our stellar team is made up of veteran teachers--some with over 40 years of classroom experience-- who understand the educational loss our kids are facing. With degrees ranging from Educational Ed. S, Master's, LETRS Training in Reading, Multiple Degree Programs in Math, and Special Education, we have a tutor to fit practically every need.

*When you join us for Individual or Small Group Tutoring sessions, your child will be matched with the best tutor to meet their specific needs.

*Book the date/times that work for your schedule with no waiting!

*Payments can be made quickly and easily online using our credit/debit card portal, and we offer discounts for families with multiple children!

At EL & EM Learning Center, you will see and feel the difference in our approach to helping families immediately. We truly care about our students and their families; that's why we strive to make lasting differences every day.

Come join us and you'll see -- This is where the fun stuff happens!

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